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Title song to the play Sushi Girls

My Sushi love song
Lyrics and music by Toon Moon Min

Take me to To-ky-yo
Get my sushi on the go
Hope my sushi won’t take long
As I sing my sushi song

I love my lady from Tokyo
She wears kimonos from Hokaido
Her name is Shizuko
She loves me and she told me so

Wasabi is the magic zing
Makes the sushi start to sing
She taught me this sushi way
She really brightens up my day

Your mouth will get a little hot 
Your nose may run but may be not
Sushi dishes are such a treat
My heart will always skip a beat

Watch the sushi bar rotate
For the sushi I just can’t wait
My chopsticks will sing and dance
As I go into my sushi trance

When I dream of Shizuko
My heart goes into a whirl
I just don’t want this dream to go
I miss my Shizuko 
I miss my Shizuko
I miss my Shizuko my sushi girl